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Graduation Information

When to apply?

You should apply for graduation the semester before you graduate. See the application deadlines below.

Spring Graduation (May): January 17
Summer Graduation (August): May 20, no ceremony
Fall Graduation (December): Aug. 30

 You must complete a graduation application by the deadline, otherwise you will be charged a late fee. 

*If a graduation deadline falls on a weekend applications will be accepted without a fee through the following Monday. 

How do I apply?

Log-in to your CIS account and select the "graduation" icon to get started! 

Should I meet with an Advisor?

All students should meet with an academic advisor to review their graduation requirements and to discuss post-graduation plans and opportunities. Book your appointment today!  

Click Here to book an Appointment

Where do I go?

There are two ceremonies, the university-wide commencement and the College of Humanities convocation. Attend both or attend either!

Commencement  |  Convocation  |  Campus Bookstore

Summer: Participate in commencement ceremonies the previous spring.

Fall: Participate in commencement ceremonies the following spring.

Convocation & Preferred Name

Students can have their preferred name printed on their diploma AND all convocation materials.

Students can email the Graduation Office at and include this text.   

 Students must notify the Graduation Office by March 1st.

What is next?

Check out some post-graduate opportunities.
Continue to use resources at the Career Center.
Keep in touch--we love to hear from our graduates!

Graduate School 

If you are considering graduate school, first, meet with an academic advisor to talk about grad school. Here are some tips:

  • Aim high!  Do not underestimate your competitiveness.
  • Become familiar with the entrance requirements (i.e. minimum test scores, GPA, pre-requisites).
  • Align your interests with faculty interests.  
  • Research and compare funding options.
  • Seek help with your application. 

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Last Updated: 6/23/21