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Featured Students and Alumni

Featured Alumni

Sami Mosher

Sami Mosher G'20 

Class Year: 2020
Studied: Japanese cultural anthropology and linguistics (Master of Asian Studies)
Languages: Japanese & Mandarin Chinese 

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Featured Students

2022 International and Area Studies Students of the year

Jacob Rigby

Jacob Rigby ’22

Class Year: 2022
Major: Political Science
Minor: History and Asian Studies

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Paola Linette Cervantes

Paola Linette Cervantes ’22

Class Year: Junior
Major(s) and Minor(s): Intl. Studies, Political Science, Latin American Studies

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Jacob Rigby

Sarah Moore ’21

Class Year: 2021
Major: Asian Studies
Minor: Korean Studies

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Ana Luiza Ramos

Ana Luiza Ramos ’22

Class Year: Junior
Majors: Intl. Studies, Political Science 
Minors: Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

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Podcast Transcript

Last Updated: 5/5/22